Using Vtiger to create Contacts in an App.

We are working on app that has a lot of functions, but today I want to focus on how we were able to use Vtiger to connect it to the App and help us with the use of contacts. For this App, we need to have contact profiles in order to establish things such as relationship, […]

Custom Widgets on Summary Pages

Sometimes you just need a little edge and some quick development can get you there. Occasionally, it’s painfully obvious that you’re wasting clicks while you anxiously await the next page to load only to go back and repeat the process. Vtiger comes out of the box with a very well structured organizational path. The process […]

Vtiger Permissions – Sharing Rules for sales teams

Scenario: You’ve got two sales teams. Each sales team has a manager and several sales reps. What you want, dear reader, is for each sales rep to see only the record that they own or are assigned to (no more poaching leads from the newbie). You also want your sales manager to see all the […]

When workflows misbehave

You might find yourself scratching your head when trying to create a workflow. Me too. Now and again there’s something I come across with no solution on the user level… but users don’t generally know its not their fault! They get stuck in the mud trying to solve the unsolvable problem of “Why won’t this filter condition let me […]

Close Out Page-Discounts Tab

I am going to continues talking about this project, but this time I will talk about a the starting tab of this, the Discounts Tab. This portion of the Close Out page is the first tab of the process where the user gets to see the discounts and add ons on their order. It starts […]

Version Tracking Product Specifications

The gifts are unwrapped and the egg nog bottle is dried up, we’re back to work. It’s 2016 and time for a new post. Happy New Year to all of our clients and loyal blog followers! One of the latest projects on my task list has some exciting possibilities for companies who specialize in manufacturing their […]

Financing Form

I will continue with the theme from last week, when I was talking about the “Customer Closeout Form”, but this time I will go into more detail of one the sections that the form contains. I will talk about the financing section of the Closeout form and how this page has a good execution when […]

VTiger Contact List Processing

If your organization spends a lot of time processing contacts or clients then you may be interested in an enhancement we completed for one of our clients. Our client has several employees that make sales calls to a very large list of potential customers. The original process that follows Vtiger’s default configuration was to view […]

Link Assets to Tickets in Vtiger

Scenario: You’re creating a trouble ticket for an organization for which you provide support and supply hardware. You have an asset list of the hardware that you’ve sold to this organization all crisply ordered with serial numbers and sell dates. Wouldn’t it be great if you could link those assets to trouble tickets so that your support […]

Searching and Linking Buyers to Sellers in Vtiger

Most of our Vtiger clients sell products/services to clients (buyers).  But we have some clients that act as brokers (match buyers and sellers).  Some examples are business brokers, machinery brokers, and real estate brokers. It’s actually pretty simple to set this up in Vtiger.  We add a type field to the opportunity record to indicate […]

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