How to one-click change all product pricing on a Quote

Vtiger opensource crm comes with a “PriceBooks” module. While it certainly has it’s uses we find it to be cumbersome for certain applications. We received a request from a client to quickly set a markup percentage for individual quotes. Pricebooks was not an option. Here’s an example use case of what was required: Client’s database has […]

Keeping Track of the Worked Time of Tasks in a Project

A client wanted to keep track of the total worked hours from tasks that are linked to a project in Vtiger. The requirements were to not use formulas, nor use a workflow. The solution was to create a field and a script that will keep track of the “Worked Hours”. The field “Total Case Hours” in the […]

Payroll Functionality Using Vtiger

A client approached us with a interesting request. They have field techs that log their hours as activities linked to orgs and sales orders.  We built s custom app for them to log their hours on their phones as straight time, over time, double time, etc.  They do their payroll using this data (which they […]

Vtiger Customization – Create PO from Sales Order

We have done this Sales Order to Purchase Order customization in various forms for many clients and it is a great time saver.  They rave about it.  Each client has done it slightly differently but here are the basics: Click on the Sales Order (or Quote) to Create a PO.  The products (not services) are […]

Banners and other graphics to dress up your Vtiger CRM

One request we get a lot here at Boru is from Vtiger users who want to upgrade the look of their CRM. Unfortunately, configuring the look of Vtiger in the open-source edition is largely limited to selecting a theme color and logo file. This is often unsatisfactory for clients that wish to project a polished […]

Syncing Contacts to FOE and Back

We are working on this project for a client that requires to keep track of contacts and of any changes that are made to it. In order to achieve this, we were able to connect Vtiger to the FOE so when any edits are made to the FOE, the contact stored in Vtiger will be […]

Vtiger Customization – Referral Widget for your Contacts

We had a project for one of our customers where he wanted to have the ability to track referrals in Vtiger. In order to do this, we created a widget that has two buttons, “Referred To” and “Referred By.” If you want to track who referred a contact, you go to that contact and click […]

Widgets that lets you edit blocks of info directly.

We had a project a bit of time ago, where the client wanted to be able to edit certain blocks from an organization directly in the “Organization Summary” view in Vtiger. We were able to accomplish this by creating a new widget for the client that would appear on the “Summary View” page in Vitger. […]

The Use of Contacts in an App

In the Project that we are currently working on, I am going to explain how the use of contacts from Vtiger is important and make it easier for the users. Let’s begin to describe what the contact is, in this scenario a contact will be a returning customer that would like to place an additional […]

Activities History – Vtiger 6 customizaton

Suppose, just for a minute, that you were working on a deal in Vtiger. There’s plenty of things yet to be accomplished and plenty more which you’ve already completed. Wouldn’t it be great if those two were separated somehow? You know, so completed items aren’t crowding your to do list. We felt the same way. In […]

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