Vtiger 7 Feature: Today Button on Date Picker

There is a small but handy new feature that allows you to set dates for today. In Vtiger 7, you simply click on the “Today” button located below the calendar, instead of having to scroll or manually enter today’s date like you do in the Vtiger 6 date picker. Vtiger 6 Compared to Vtiger 7 […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Eye Summary View

If you have never clicked the “Eye” icon located next to records in many Vtiger modules,  try it out.  A nice summary view pop-up will appear of a contact, an organization, a lead, and more.   This feature includes the following: Displays “Header” fields and “Key Details” fields Allows you to scroll through other record summaries with […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Mystery Solved for Pop-Up Screen of Related List

Have you encountered the pop-up when clicking on a related list record? We were confused how to get to the full record but discovered there are two ways. One requires going to the pop-up screen and the other requires opening the full record in a different tab. Get to the related record’s full page: From […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Tags or Picklists? Manage Your CRM in the Best Way

Picklists and tags contribute the same data to your CRM, but which option is more consistent and useful? In short, we believe picklists create a better data structure when used correctly and allow effective marketing, workflows, and business flow processing. A detailed comparison is in the attached chart. Tags may be more likely to subvert […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Control How Your Lists are Shared

Did you know you can share Vtiger lists in your database? It’s true, and you can share the list with everyone or control the sharing so only specific users can view it.     Share lists: With Everyone or All By Group of Individual Users (i.e. Marketing Group) By Role (i.e. CEO) Differentiating who to share a […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Easy Navigation with Breadcrumbs!

In past versions of Vtiger, getting back to the previous page required a click on the back button and subsequently multiple clicks.   Vtiger 7 improved upon this with the breadcrumb feature that only requires you to click once on the preferred title to get back to previous locations.  We find this a simple, yet very helpful new […]